Training Skills Seminars In Washington D.C.

On-Site Seminar Programs in Washington D.C.

Human Advantage offers a wide selection of training seminars and professional development seminars throughout the Baltimore region. On-site training seminars in Washington D.C. can be tailored to the specific needs of any client organization and presented on-site at any business in the Baltimore-Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Training seminars and courses can be delivered individually or as a series of modules.

Class participant attending, “Juggling People, Projects, Paper and Priorities,” writes:

“The instructor was well prepared and very informative … lots of skills & projects that made my experience wonderful.”


Program Format

We deliver learning solutions in a manner that both engages the learner and produces desired outcomes. Our programs are taught using a style that is practical, dynamic and interactive. Participants are engaged in discussions, brainstorming, experiential learning activities, individual and group work, self-reflection, and information processing.

Example Courses and Seminars Offered in D.C.

Assertiveness Training

Have you ever walked away from a conversation feeling that you let yourself be taken advantage of by not effectively communicating your own opinions, thoughts, and ideas? Do others find you difficult to work with because of your pushy or even domineering style? Every person has needs, expectations and feelings; assertiveness is the ability to express these needs, expectations, and feelings in a manner respectful to yourself and to those around you. By learning to pursue your objectives in an appropriate manner, assertive communication can strengthen relationships, reduce stress from conflict, and promote balance in your life.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn the behaviors and characteristics that are characteristic for effective assertive communication
  • State words and phrases that respect you and others, and learn how to successfully apply these in the workplace
  • Understand the critical areas for developing trust in an office environment

 Effective Time Management

Day to day, everyone has the same amount of time. It cannot be stored or saved. Time management is like managing any other resource in that individual’s benefit from analysis. The tools to organize, plan, manage, and control time are the essentials of this course. Participants will analyze how to use their time, but also what problems they encounter and how to deal with those issues wisely.

Course Objectives:

  • Complete a personal time audit and analysis learning individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify typical time wasters and set strategies for minimizing each
  • Set priorities and SMART goals that establish work and life balance thus reducing stress
  • Learn to take an effective leadership role by managing the time management issues of urgency and importance
  • Prepare an action plan implementing new, effective habits for greater productivity and success